About me

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Natera Photography. My love of photography started at a very young age, it didn’t come into fruition until the last year or so.

As an actress, I always find myself intently searching for stories in everything: photographs, paintings, even the eccentrically dressed man sitting in front of Starbucks waiting for someone.

A tool of the actor’s trade is still a headshot. At my latest photo shoot, I loved how the photographer really got to know me so that the picture reflected the person I am and not just my olive skin and crazy curly hair.

Before I knew it, I was picking up my camera and finding that essence (what I choose to call it) in everything. I started taking classes to improve every aspect of my photography. Digital SLR cameras can be challenging and the only way to improve is to continue to capture as much as I can.

I’m hoping that Natera Photography will reflect my journey as a photographer and that you leave with a story every step of the way.



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