Self Portraiture

2017 is going to be a super interesting year for me. I am looking forward to many challenges in my photography. I’ve joined a network of photographers to discuss photography and learn from people who have been in the business for probably longer than I have been alive.

One of the first challenges I am giving myself is self-portraits. It’s difficult to find models and let’s face it, Bella the beagle is getting a little tired of me following her around. The self portraits will help me work on the exposure triangle, posing and well, me getting used to me. I am definitely not my favorite subject.

This is not going to be a challenge where I am going to look like I’m on a catwalk. I’m challenging myself to catch moments where I am ready for a photoshoot but most importantly, me as a subject in my everyday.

Some people challenge themselves to a daily self-portrait. I’m going to try for four a month.

The first portraits are on this page. Here I am with no makeup, hairspray,  and natural, side lighting. My fave has always been natural light so I will definitely try to challenge myself by working with studio lighting, flash and the infamous overhead florescent lighting.

These were done with my DSLR camera, tripod and wireless remote control.

I decided that I wanted to wear my glasses for these pictures because 95% of the time, this is who I am. I didn’t want to edit the pics, too much and decided that I would keep the glare on my glasses. As a photographer,  I totally understand the need for hairspray when taking pictures, you can see my hair shooting up from everywhere, I like it, it’s real.

Stay tuned to this page if you want to see more of the progress throughout the year.