52 Week Photography Challenge

Happy New Year, everyone. I can’t believe how little I blogged in 2015. As we start a new year, I have promised myself to not make any resolutions. The anal retentive part of me gets crazy when I can’t follow through with what I promised.

Between Acting, being a Mom, and more of a Caregiver this past year: I am blessed with the opportunity to continue to stay home. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy homemaking on its own; so I have signed up for numerous online courses and I have taken on photography as another creative outlet.

Two years ago, I told my Husband that I would really like a DSLR Camera. The reason for the camera was the blog and I always loved photography. Now, I don’t want to make you believe that I was an avid photographer in any way. By loving it, I mean that I enjoy looking at photographs, particularly of people and capturing their essence. Although I first got the camera to blog, I found myself leaning towards headshots as I am in the acting business.

As I continued to take classes and research, I also started to take pictures of friends in the business and I am absolutely hooked.

About a week ago, I ran into a challenge that was posted on Facebook. The challenge is called the 52 Week Photography Challenge, presented by Dogwood Photography. I was immediately, interested and signed up. A lot of photographers will tell you, that taking pictures, lots of pictures, will help you become a better photographer.

Every week, we are issued a challenge and we can post our pictures on Facebook, websites, Twitter, Instagram,  etc., that are set up for all of us to share.

Because I have been lacking on my blog posts, I felt like this was the perfect kind of challenge for me. In this challenge, I am stretching my artistic muscle, by taking pictures and posting them on my blog. This way, you can follow along and of course, it helps keep me accountable.

I hope you enjoy, and who knows, maybe you will take the journey with me.