Photography Challenge #8: Landscape: Panorama

Hi Everyone!

So, here I am: working on week 8’s challenge many months after it has happened. Life has taken some crazy turns for me and it looks like it has no plans to slow down. I’m not complaining but it means that I complete these challenges at my own time and pace.

The Dogwood Challenge was quite simple: Explore panorama stitching and create a wide sweeping landscape.

I tried to complete this challenge three times before I got most of it right. I used my DSLR for the challenge so I had to take multiple pictures and stitch them together with Photoshop Elements. I’m not completely happy with my end result but I hear that Photographers aren’t really ever completely happy with their end result. I definitely found the stitching aspect of this assignment hard, but I am so glad I tried it. I can only get better from here.